From the Editor's Kitchen

By Jill Melton / Photography By Jill Melton | Last Updated March 23, 2016
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Welcome to Jill Cooks Here, a collection of recipes straight from a food editor's kitchen. I've been an editor, writer, and professional cook for over 25 years. I live in my kitchen. This is where life happens at our house. But food doesn't happen in a vacuum; it's part of our celebrations, traditions, comfort, and every day moments. Frequently, it's the catalyst. This is what you'll find here—stories and recipes from where life, love, and food intersect or, oftentimes, collide.

Baked Eggs with Chicken and Salsa

We love all the Ousley Ouch salsas, but find the black bean version particularly good with this simple egg dish.

Overnight Cheese Strata with Bacon Jam

Don't know about you, but I buy baguettes with great intentions, only to find them stale 4 days later. No worries. Even if your baguette is rock hard, you can bring it back to life in this easy strata...

White Turkey Chili with Barley

This comfy chili is a great use of leftover turkey. You can even toss in leftover vegetables too. We love it topped with flavorful cheddar cheese.

Vegetarian Bean Soup

I usually make bean soup when there's a leftover ham bone around. But as it was Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent, I decided to make a fresh meatless version. Save leftover Parmesan cheese rinds...

Fudge Skillet Brownies on Talk of the Town

Top with ice cream and share with your sweetie. We suggest eating straight from the skillet. You can make one large brownies in a 10-inch skillet or 4 individual brownies in 6-inch skillets. Be sure...

Beef Carbonnades (Beef with Caramelized Onions and Beer)

Run of the mill stew meat works fine in this long simmered dish, where the beer does it's magic tenderizing the beef. Use a full flavored beer for the best flavor. We used Fat Bottom Brewery Java Jane...

Shrimp Nachos

We love this fresh take on a classic game-day indulgence. Chips are topped with cheese and shrimp, avocado and tomato. Finish them with Ousley Ouch's Habanero Peach Mango Salsa for a light, bright...


Once many years ago I had my first cafe au lait sitting along the Champs-Élysées in a small cafe. It was summer and I was in love with life and that coffee is the one I have remembered each morning...

Bourbon Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and bourbon make good partners. The inspiration for this pairing comes from the 1979 cookbook called Nashville: 200 Years of Hospitality, a collection by the Tennessee Federation of...

Easy Tomato Soup

Home made tomato soup is only as far away as a can of tomatoes. Any kind will work; pureed, crushed, diced, whole, whatever. Saute up some carrot and onion, add tomato, broth, water, or wine, herbs...

Brown Sugar Bran Muffins

These healthy muffins are packed with fiber and nutrients and perfect for breakfast or lunch on the go. 

Citrus and Apricot Compote

This sprightly fruit compote capitalizes on in-season winter citrus and dried fruits. Solo, it's sunlight in a bowl, but also perfect spooned over ice cream or angel food cake.

Breaker Cornbread Muffins

Farmers will tell you that when a green tomato just starts to turn a bit pink, it's called a breaker. This recipe makes good use of those tomatoes that straddle the fence between green and ripe. I...

Salted Coconut Macaroons

I like to make these cookies small, maximizing the crunchy browned exterior, which is the best part.

Malted Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Here is a riff on a Martha Stewart recipe which, over the years, has morphed into this recipe that I nailed this year. The kids fought over them. My friend hoarded hers. Chewy malted chocolate cookies...

Almond Butter White Chocolate Cookies

It seems ridiculous to say, but I believe these are the best cookies I've ever made—and everyone who ate one agreed (Even my son, Sam, who shuns virtually everything I make). The combination of...

Pecan Sandies (aka German Drop Cookies)

These cookies are one of the few cookies my mom made around the holidays.  She calls them German Drop Cookies. Which I have too. Until this year. I'm officially changing the name to Pecan Sandies...

Hot Spiced Apple Chai Cider

Many winter's ago, I discovered hot spiced cider and, after perfecting my version, spent many winter nights snug with a warm mug. With a gallon of inexpensive White House cider in the fridge, I...
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