Food for Healthy Hair

By | March 24, 2017
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Amanda Upton, proprietor and stylist of Atelier Upton Salon is a spitfire of information as well as a rockin' great hair stylist. When she told us all the uses for these household items, we were thrilled. Her tips for keeping your hair and skin healthy are as close as your kitchen cabinet. Check them out. 


Coconut oil

Did you know coconut oil has over 100 uses? From a mask in your hair, hydration in your skin, to whitening your teeth by oil pulling; this is one of the most versatile foods that should be in your everyday beauty regiment.

Apple cider vinegar

Not just used as your everyday salad dressing. When used on hair and scalp, apple cider vinegar can be used for hair growth, shine, body, to define curls, balance your ph levels in hair, cleanse and clarify. It also acts as an antibacterial to reduce dandruff and psoriasis. Tip: After shampoo and conditioner, spray (using a small spray bottle) on roots and hair. Then blow dry in.


This super fruit has all the superpowers for your hair, skin and nails. Put avocado and eggs together to create a strengthening hair mask. Purée avocado and cucumber for a calming and moisturizing face mask. Or, rub avocado oil on your cuticles to have beautiful nails.


Out of dry shampoo? Have no fear cornstarch is here! Just add a little bit to your scalp and brush through. Bad sunburn? A mixture of cornstarch and water will do the trick!:) Need to eliminate unwanted oil on your face? Just add a bit using you makeup brush for a matte finish.


Needing a “party" for your hair has never been easier. Pouring champagne and leaving in your hair for 15 minutes can add shine, volume and brighten your highlights. Or maybe that's the bottle talking.....either way your hair will love you for it.


With the strength of Hercules, adding egg to your hair and skin regiment can put the Pop in Popeye. The protein can add strength and the fatty acids can lend moisture and remove excess oil. Lifting skin to fight unwanted wrinkles all while correcting acne is not a bad day for a superheroes work.


Ketchup is a must have for any sun god or goddess. Tomatoes contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that can rehabilitate sun-damaged skin and, with the help of its vital vitamins A, C and K, protect it from further damage. Tend to have green hair after a swim? Drench your hair in  ketchup to counteract the green and to remove any excess chlorine.

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