The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook

By | June 01, 2017
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The “Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook” isn’t your average cookbook.

Laura Lea Goldberg, certified holistic chef based here in Music City, finds inspiration for her recipes from the food she was raised on and what she craves. It’s an organic combination of what she feeds herself and what she believes readers want. 

The cookbook features recipes that’ll keep your taste buds satisfied and your belly full from dawn til dusk.

Goldberg began to notice there was a void that needed to be filled in the cookbook world; in her cookbook, she meets people halfway between the dishes they've always made and whole, healthy foods. She hopes her cookbook is the missing ingredient people have been looking for between healthy food and home cooking.

We’re sitting at her kitchen table as Goldberg reminisces on home-cooked meals she devoured as a child (all while she’s piling on samples of her favorite snack foods and homemade chocolate, might I add). Food has always brought, not only comfort to her, but also a sense of community. There isn’t a time Goldberg can remember where her family didn’t eat at home, she said. Hence came the inspiration for many of her recipes.

Goldberg’s cookbook features healthier variations of her mother’s own recipes she loved as a child. She’s trying to eliminate the stigma that all healthy food is expensive. By cooking at home, she says, you can control the cost of what the food is. She hopes the cookbook is inclusive, as health food has a stigma of being something exclusive, expensive and unattainable for the average Joe.

Not ashamed to talk about her sweet tooth, Laura Lea’s favorite recipe is her black bean brownie recipe; it is by far her most popular and most unexpected dish. With the right blend of cocoa and sugar, people would never even realize the main ingredient in the tasty dessert was a legume. Laura Lea Goldberg hits the mark between homecooked nostalgia and whole food goodness. 

You can purchase her cookbook on Amazon today or in national book retailers!

Here's a few of the recipes she shared with us that you can find in her book! 


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