The Perfect Pour Over

Pour overs were invented to make a single cup of coffee, whereby not wasting any of the specialty (the creme de la creme) coffee. Got a scale? By all means use it, but it’s not necessary to make a good pour-over. What you'll need: single-cup brewer (Chemex, Kalita Wave, or Clever Coffee Dripper), kettle for hot water, coffee filter, and coffee (of course).
December 21, 2015


1. In a kettle, heat your water to boiling, rinse coffee filter with water to remove paper taste of filter. In a hurry, you can skip the rinse.

2. Add 4½ tablespoons (or 27 grams) of freshly ground coffee (to the consistency of sea salt) to your filter.

3. With 1 ⅔ cups of boiling water (or 400 grams if using a kitchen scale), start a timer and pour enough water over the top of the ground coffee to pre-wet or just saturate the coffee (about ⅓ cup), creating little bubbles on top. Let it rest for a moment, then pour the remaining water over the coffee in slow, small circles. This should take no longer than 3 minutes.

4. Allow the rest of the water to filter through, completing your brewing time by 3:50 minutes.

5. Remove filter and enjoy!

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