9 Easy Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen

Photography By William Goertel | April 09, 2017
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Working the line and the ovens at Nicky's in The Nations.

1. Compost Compost Compost!

Composting is one of the best ways to reuse bits of fruits and veggies to get them back to the root of where they came from. Compost piles can be used to create soil for your garden. Not sure how to compost? We’ve got you covered. 

Link:  http://ediblenashville.ediblecommunities.com/food-thought/compost-nashville


2. Reuse your coffee grounds after drinking your cup ‘o joe.

Used coffee grounds can be thrown in your compost bucket, but they also have a few other great uses: it keeps ants away, it neutralizes odors, and it’s good for your soil.


3. Swap bar soap for liquid soap.

This easy switch helps eliminate unnecessary packaging. Buy yourself a cute soap dish while you’re at it!


4. Upcycle old fabric for paper towels.

Cut up bits of old fabric or squares from old t-shirts and throw them in a mason jar to store them. When they’re dirty, throw them in the washer.


5. Use a water-filtering pitcher.

Minimize plastic bottles. Buy yourself a water-filtering pitcher and grab a reusable water bottle to refill. Not only are you helping the environment, but you’re also getting fresh, clean water. Double win!


6. Store food in glass or tin containers.

Mason jars can be used for storing leftovers. For meat and fish, get some tin containers. Less plastic equals a happy planet!


7. Bring reusable shopping bags to the store.

Keep them in your car so you have it whenever you shop. And it’s ok if you take the Trader Joe’s bag to Publix—no one cares.


8. Shop in the bulk aisle.

You can buy almost any staple food item in the bulk aisle, and it helps eliminate excessive packaging. Don’t forget your reusable shopping bag!


9. Buy less food!

Plan your meals before you head to the store so that you get only what you need. This way you don’t let any food go to waste.—Christy Ulmet

Article from Edible Nashville at http://ediblenashville.ediblecommunities.com/eat/9-easy-ways-go-green-kitchen
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